About US

1986, we are in the field of designing, modifying & manufacturing the autotribikes and side wheel attachments keeping in mind the needs of Physically Challenged People.
Going through, we are also the manufacturer of all the necessary equipments for Physically Challenged People like  Crutches, Wheel Chair, Tricycles, Sticks, Calipers, ETC.
We have our Manufacturing Unit in the urban area with professional workers for each category of work.  Our each & every product is manufactured with measurement best according to the disabled’s need, ease, drivability and area he has to drive.
Our Company has been taking part in all the National & International Exhibitions held in different parts of country organized by CENTRAL GOVERNMENT AND STATE GOVERNMENT to aware people about the equipments needed by them. We have participated Exhibitions held in cities like New Delhi, Lucknow, Guwahati, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Trichy, etc and also we are not only supplying to major cities but our customers are also in the interiors like Bhuj, Nainital, Sasaram, Raibarelly, Etc.
Our product is being running fantastically on roads in most of  the cities of our country & overseas satisfying disabled’s with its engineering and reliability.
In this way, we are trying more & more to help the Physically Challenged People in the best way we can.  We don’t try to get customers by giving them lucrative offers but we believe and get them by our satisfied products running on roads.
We manufacture quality product & give necessary services that’s why we are the leading manufacturer of Autotribikes & Side Wheel Attachments in INDIA

Company Information

  • Ujjwal Automovites